Brief: 1,000 word report (0r The Choice is Yours)

Brief: 1,000 word report (0r The Choice is Yours)

Unit 8 Culture and Context

Write a minimum of 1000 words on your understanding of what your group’s topic meant to you. You may use as many illustrations as you wish with this submission and put in one single PDF.

Please follow the structure given below.

Put your name and the name of your group at the top of the page and give your writing a title and not a boring one.

1. First of all introduce and discuss the idea your group selected to research and how you then went about researching this as a group. Explain clearly the different roles with in the group and how you worked together. Evaluate how the group operated and how your input helped the group come to a better understanding of the terms.

2. Write a short review of your presentation and descried what its aim was and evaluate whether you thought that it was successful or not. Indicate how you would improve this next time you have to perform a group presentation. Include images of the presentation and if you have made a film then give the link to Youtube/Vimeo as well.

3. Describe and analyse your own research you carried out for the group and say want you did and what you learnt from this experience. You should then go into more depth about the idea your group chose and see if you can connect them with changes in how Art and Design is produced and consumed today. This should reflect your thinking about the subject chosen and you should include references to the material you use to improve your understanding of the subject.

4. Include a full bibliography with this Report and a list of illustrations, which are also fully referenced. You will need to cite in the text any information that you got from any source whether you directly quote or paraphrase. It will look like this (Ingham 2012).

Before you do this please read thoroughly the UAL handbook on Harvard Referencing, which is the style we would like you to use throughout your academic career at Chelsea


Also before you start writing read carefully the article “Seven secrets of stylish academic writing” and put into practice what Helen Sword argues is a good way of writing academically.


Mark Ingham | November 2012 |

Brief- 1,000 word report (0r The Choice is Yours) PDF



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