Unit 8 Culture and Context

Term 1  Brief

A group presentation and a 1,000 word report based on a brief.

Firstly you put yourselves into groups however you wish. If you have not got a group then join another group or form a new group.

The group then decides on a topic they would like to research into.

This topic will then be presented on either the 14 or 21 November 2012.

The presentation can be as Performative as the group wishes, but should be memorable so the rest of the class will remember the key concepts of the research topic. It should be between 9 and 18 minutes long.

Each member of the group then has to write a 1,000 word report on one aspect of the group’s research.  The emphasis of the report will be on the research carried out by each individual student, but also relate to the overall findings of the group.

This will be handed in after the winter break during the first week of term in January 2013. It will include a full bibliography and all sources will be referenced in the text using the Harvard Referencing System.


On Wednesday 5th December each group will receive feedback about their presentations and help with construction of the report.

Mark Ingham| October 2012

PDF BriefBrief Unit 8 Culture and Context

UAL Marking Criteria

Your work in this unit will be assessed against University of the Arts marking criteria, which are designed to give you clear feedback on your achievement. The table above indicates how they relate to the unit learning outcomes.

The full marking criteria descriptions for Learning Outcomes and UAL standard student feedback form for assessment can be found under

Section 7, Assessment and further information can be found on the Assessment website at:



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