*ALL GROUPS NOW  Presenting on Wednesday 21 November*

Each presentation will be between 5 and 10 minutes long.

(Team Supreme) 

Presenting on Wednesday December 5

2. Eilidh, Georgina, Jack, Kat, Phoebe, (Team Supreme) 1st

Will research into ideas of: Judgement?

Other topics discussed: Semiotics, Preference of Choice Taste + Beauty Judgement, Pop Music why? Lunar



Presenting on December 5

1. Jeongmin, Lucy, Saori, Holly, April C, (JucyShaC) 2nd

Will research into ideas of: Slang

Other topics discussed: 3D Printing, Internet Privacy, Future.



Presenting on Wednesday December 5

3. Emi, Luisa. Becca, Sophie D, Kaila, Tabrez Pathan. (KEEEEN)

Will research into ideas of: Brit hu mour

Other topics discussed: Media how it work, Ads, TuBe Art, , What makes an artist, Is Print Dead, Newspapers? Train Etiquette.



Presenting on Wednesday December 5

4. Claire, April Y, Kayo, Olivia, Rui Lin, (LOCKA)

Will research into ideas of: Memes

Other topics discussed: Stupid videos, Young people and tech.


The Pheromones

Presenting on Wednesday December 5

5. Andrew, Amy-Rose, Emily, Lara, Sophie Farrar

Will research into ideas of: Seduction.

Other topics discussed: Media control. Deleted inform sub messaging, Conspiracy theories Illuminati.



Presenting on Wednesday December 5

6. Art, Calvin, Joshua, William,  Arun Gogna(VI)

Will research into ideas of: Relational aesthetics

Other topics discussed: Placements, Law images, Paper Quality



Presenting on Wednesday 21 December 5

7. Nathan, Richard, Safwaan, Matthew Ashmore. Liam Moore. (Se7en)

Will research into ideas of: Nature and Nurture. & Why Blogs are Useless & Why you dream?



Presenting on Wednesday December 5

8. Alex, Adam, Anastasiya, Jake, Josiah, Benjamin Peter Jacobsen

Will research into ideas of: It is Who not what you know?

Other topics discussed: Unpaid Internships, Digital vs Face to face.



Presenting on Wednesday December 5

9. Conrad, Sally, Tshilli, Tobias Bschorr, Aleena Jamil (TshilliConSally)

Will research into ideas of: Kids are inside…too much

Other topics discussed: Why tech who is it for? Charity is not…


Presenting on Wednesday 21 November

10. This can either be a new group or you can join another group…

Presenting on Wednesday 21 November
Helen Hu
Hannah-France Nicholls
Jade-Louise Maxwell
Katya Elizabeth Moore

Nikita Andrianova

Tabrez Pathan
Tarris Lin



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